Five mistakes to avoid when selling your home

You get one chance at selling your home for the best possible price. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure you secure a great result.

Mistake 1. Over-capitalising on renovations.

When preparing to sell there are three activities that provide the best possible return on time and money invested: painting, gardening and house-washing. You should paint bathroom ceilings if they need it, paint kitchen cupboards if the colours are dated, consider painting hallways and rooms if the existing colours are very dark. Use light, neutral colours at all times.

Painting exteriors can be expensive, especially when scaffolding is involved. Talk to us first before going ahead and we can help you decide if an exterior re-paint is the right way to go. Often small touch-ups or just painting window sills is sufficient. Sometimes a thorough house-wash is all that is required. Be sure to also wash gutters, paths and driveways too.

Mistake 2. Not making it easy for buyers to offer.

Over the last few years, the best-practice way of selling real estate has evolved to the point where upfront disclosure is now paramount. Buyers are now expecting extensive information to be available when they visit your home.

Keep in mind, too many unknowns can dampen the spirits of even the keenest buyer. Anticipate their questions in advance so buyers can focus squarely on how much they like your property and how much they are willing to pay for it.

As a result, you will also benefit from receiving cleaner offers that contain fewer conditions.

Mistake 3. Skipping the de-cluttering stage.

The more clutter you remove from a room the bigger it will feel to your potential buyer.

Hiring a storage unit while you are on the market is a great investment. You can also use your garage for storage as a last resort.

Clutter eats equity. It’s as simple as that.

Mistake 4. Not investing in presentation

Dress for success! Borrow furniture from friends and family if you can, or invest in the services of a home staging company to present your property at its absolute best. Well-placed furniture helps buyers picture themselves living in your home.

As a result, they are more likely to develop an emotional connection to your property which will have a positive impact on the price they are prepared to pay. Empty houses feel cold and unwelcoming. If staging your home gets you just 1 extra offer, that added competition should help you recoup your investment and a whole lot more.

Mistake 5. Choosing the wrong real estate professional.

While the commission rate is naturally an important factor, beware of hiring purely based on cost. Instead, focus on finding an agent who understands how to attract as many buyers as possible and create a sense of competition.

An average salesperson can usually do enough to get your home sold, but a great one can add 5-10% (or more) to the potential value of your property.

Ready to take the next step?

Selling a property can feel daunting in the beginning. The key is having a plan in place along with a trusted adviser you can call on to answer all those little questions that come up along the way.

The best place to start is with a free consultation. Call us today to book yours.