We're a specialist real estate agency that has a focus on crafting custom made marketing campaigns for every property we bring to market.
In short, we lift the perceived value of your home.
At our cost.
We have a team of tradespeople, interior and exterior staging consultants, and garden care professionals.
Below, we'll take you through our process and how it creates great outcomes for our clients.
Our process
1. Initial meeting

This is when we meet you, see your home, get the tour and find out what your goals are and how we can best help.

2. Strategy session

This is our second meeting where we present our appraisal, marketing strategy and outlay the best steps moving forward that align with your goals and ensure we get you the best result. This might include work from our team including painting, house wash, driveway pressure wash, pre-sale clean, interior or exterior staging or obtaining additional property documents like a building report or a registered valuation to make the sales process as easy as possible for everyone involved.

3. Listing your property

Once we’ve done the paperwork, we begin helping you prepare your home for sale. This is the most important step.

4. Property Documents

We’ll order all the necessary documents to present to potential purchasers. We read these, cover to cover, and know everything we need to about your property before it goes on the market. We’ll also prepare your sale and purchase agreement and have it approved by your solicitor.

5. Marketing

All the work we’ve done so far has led up to this. Photos, videos, headlines, and scripts are prepared and sent to you for approval.We’ll make sure your photos and video are done at the right time of day and work with our team to make sure we get the best possible marketing material to present your home in its best light.

6. Set to sale meeting

We’ll catch up one more time before we go on the market to make sure we’re clear on our strategy moving forward, that you’re happy with everything we’re presenting to market and that we’re ready to go.

7. On the market

We’ve taken our time to get to this point and it will pay off. We now stick to our strategy, show as many people through your home as we can and present offers to you for your consideration.

8. Sold

Once you’ve sold, we take care of the deposit and send your contract to your solicitor. We’ll have one last inspection with the new owner a few days before settlement and work with you to make sure handover is easy and stress free.


Each property sold through us has a unique, one-off signboards and printed collateral.

Photography / Video

We hire the very best to capture the essence of your property and to show it in it's best light.

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