How to sell your home for the best possible price

You can maximise the value of your home by making the right choices in a few key areas.
You certainly don't need to undertake extensive renovations or replace every old fixture. That old vinyl in the bathroom isn't going to make all the difference to your end result. There are far more important factors to consider. Get the steps below right and (to a point) it doesn't matter how average your décor is. You can still walk away happy with the end result.

Remove clutter

Clutter eats equity! Go around your home and remove every bit of furniture or 'stuff' that is non-essential. If in doubt, take it out. Make your home as minimalist as possible. If you feel like your rooms look empty, don't put furniture back in, add plants or mirrors instead.
Note: Remove old curtains that are dated or damaged, too. Better to sell a home with no curtains than bad ones!

Focus on dollar-productive improvements

The two best activities you can spend time on when preparing to sell your home are painting and gardening.
When it comes to painting, you don't need to re-paint every surface. You've probably got some old paint cans in the garage which you could use to touch up dings in your walls with no expense whatsoever. Start at the front of your home and repaint any surfaces that need freshening up: Think door-steps, window sills and exterior windows.
When you get out in the garden, focus on creating a feeling of space. Maximise sunshine by clearing trees away from the house.

Make your home easy to view

Competition is what creates new world records at the Olympics, and competition is what creates record prices for houses in your neighbourhood. The more buyers competing with each other to buy your home, the better the end result will likely be. One key to getting more buyers making offers is to make it ridiculously easy for them to view your home. Accommodating viewing requests will pay off in the long run.

Advertise from day one (or earlier)

You get one chance to sell your home for top dollar. Do it once and do it right. Have all your marketing ready to kick-in the day your home goes on the market. Online advertising, print media, flyers in the neighbourhood, database invitations. Hold nothing back. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding every possible buyer.
Note: We have a waiting list of buyers right now and can often build shortlists for our client's homes before they hit the open market so you can really hit the ground running.

Make sure every serious buyer knows your home is for sale

The moment you accept an offer, you want to be confident that it's the best possible price the market will deliver right now. Invest in maximum marketing from day 1 and make sure you stay on the market at least 5-7 days before accepting an offer. That will go a long way to ensuring you walk away satisfied that you have secured a great result.

Hire a professional that understands competition

Before you hire a real estate agent, ask about their previous sales. Ask them to share examples of when they attracted multiple buyers and created a competitive buying environment. This skill is where their value lies.
You don't need the busiest agent, or the prettiest one, or the agent from the biggest company. You need the agent who understands how to attract as many buyers as possible and create a sense of competition.

Everything else is just a bonus

Should you renovate your bathroom? Replace your old threadbare carpet? Sure, those changes will add value and you might make money on them. But if you want to ensure you sell your home for the best possible price, the steps outlined in this article are the most important by far.
Do it once, do it right. Call us today and together we'll make a plan to secure the best possible price for your home.