When is the best time to sell?

Moving house is one of those big life changes which requires many smaller decisions to be made along the way. In this article, we tackle the question of timing, with tips on how to choose a date that will increase your chances of obtaining a premium price.
Before we get started though, there is another question you should be asking first:

When does it suit your family to make this move?

It's ok to put your own needs to the fore in this circumstance. Plan around holidays, school start dates or trips away to provide as much continuity as possible for your loved ones.
If your options are still many and varied, then consider the following...

What do most people do?

Many homeowners choose to go on the market in Spring. This is often when they feel their home will look it's best. Flowers are blooming. Grass is greener. The weather is getting warmer. The birds are singing.
It's correct that houses look great in Spring but real estate markets run on supply and demand, so putting your home on the market at exactly the same time as everyone else can result in a situation where you have more competition to secure the attention of the buyers in the market at that time.
With new houses coming up for sale every day, buyers can fall in (and out) of love with homes very quickly.
To maximise your chances of success, consider these tips:

Beat the rush

If you are keen to put your home on the market when everyone else is, then get in early. Time your run to hit the market at the very start of the rush. That way, you'll get the benefits of the nicer weather, without the added competition.

Winter can be an ideal time to sell

There is something truly heartwarming about walking into a nice cosy home on a winter's day. Owners often rule out winter as an option but in our experience, this means the owners that do take the plunge in the cooler months secure great prices because buyers have fewer houses to choose from. That means more eyeballs (and potentially more offers) on your home.
If you have a warm, dry home with good heating, selling in winter is definitely an option worth considering.

Avoid long weekends (and potentially school holidays)

Timing your run to secure a great result is often about choosing the right weekend, rather than the right season. Try to avoid having your first weekend open home on a long weekend if locals travel out of town in your area.
If your home could potentially suit a young family, then you may want to consider whether it's smart to list your home for sale during school holidays. Parents may have too much on their plate looking after kids to make big real estate decisions.

Sell with your future buyer-selves in mind

If you know when most owners choose to sell in your area (Spring), then a smart play is to sell your home a month or two before that, so you can be a cashed-up buyer when all the new properties hit the market. That way you greatly increase your chances of finding a home you love, in the short amount of time available.  

The right time is when you are ready

No matter what, keep the initial message in mind as you make your timing decision: the right time to sell is when it suits you best.
If you have just spent months de-cluttering and tidying the garden, then the best time to go on the market is probably right now!

What's next?

You may have a number of other questions about the selling process.
How much does it cost?
What renovations add the most value?
Should you buy first? Or sell first?
Call us today to book a no-obligation chat about your upcoming move. We can provide answers to the questions above and any others you might have.
We love putting our vast experience to work helping owners in our community make smart real estate decisions.